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Out of 136 countries measured, India falls towards the bottom for almost every indicator, including “health and survival”, ranking second-to-last at 135.

India still has the largest number of illiterate adults in the world, but has made ”rapid advances” in cutting down the numbers of school drop outs, a new UN report on education has said.

The Education For All–Global Monitoring Report finds that out of the total 759 million illiterate adults in the world, India still has the highest number.

“Over half of the illiterate adults live in just four countries: Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan,” the report said, adding the progress has been “painfully slow” and threatens to obstruct the Millennium Development Goals.

It said about 72 million primary school age children and another 71 million adolescents are not at school, and on current trends, 56 million primary school age children will still be out of school in 2015, it said. UNESCO’s top official Irina Bokova said the world body was apprehensive that the financial crisis would cause governments to scale back funding on education.

“With the world’s largest illiterate population, India has been making progress,” the report said. Continue Reading…

United Nations: India will surpass China to become world’s most populous nation around 2028, with its population crossing the 1.45 billion mark (145 crore), according to latest report by the United Nations.

The report ‘World Population Prospects’ says the world’s population will hit 7.2 billion next month and is projected to reach 10.9 billion by 2100, with the growth mainly occurring in developing countries, with more than half in Africa.

But, with the number of future global dwellers linked to fertility, the number at the end of the century could be as high as 16.6 billion or even fall to 6.8 billion, it adds.

The report says India is expected to become the world’s most populous country, passing China around 2028, when both countries will have populations of 1.45 billion. Continue Reading…