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Empowered by India

Elaine Watkins —  June 19, 2014
Author: Kirsti Haverdink, Read Asia supporter

I don’t feel guilty. This is unusual for me.  Typically after a trip out of the country there is a gnawing inside me, a restless uneasiness.  I have such a full life. I have beautiful relationships, incredible opportunity, a lovely home, clean water and a freezer full of food.  To come home feeling somewhat bad for the life I have is not uncommon.

India.  My senses are immediately awakened and heightened as I take in all the vibrant colors, sounds and smells. The people.  So many people.  Where they are all going I have no idea, but the further away from the city we travel, the more curious I become. Continue Reading…

By: Jessie Emelander, Development Director for Read Asia

I was recently interviewing some women who were enrolled in the Adult Literacy Program. They came with incredible stories and shattered lives. Some of the stories were hard to believe.

I needed to understand where these women came from, so I asked if I could visit one of their neighborhoods. And I mean that loosely—because when I did, it was more like a city than a neighborhood, with one and a half million people living in one square mile. We drove down a few streets that were barely wide enough for the van to fit through, and stopped next to a small fruit stand.

So now I’m out of the car, standing next to a wall, and suddenly the wall moves. The wall is a door—a door to a shed, that could be a house, but it could just be a shed.

This girl is standing in the entrance, waving me in. I don’t know who she is, but my mother obviously didn’t teach me better, so I follow the stranger.

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