Make it Personal

The negative economic and social effects of illiteracy, along with the speed and intensity of globalization, makes it one of the most urgent issues threatening the quality of life for ourselves and our future generations. 

So make it personal.

Learn More

Use our news sources to learn more about illiteracy in the world, and it’s effects on poverty, the economy, the plight of women, or global health.

Talk About It

There’s nothing more contagious than passion for a cause. Talk to your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates about literacy. Let them know what a literate world looks like. We’ll provide as many objective materials as we can in our News section. Not enough? Contact us.

Support a Literacy Class

As the educated person that you are, you understand the importance of literacy. Pass it on. Ask your family, friends, colleagues or classmates to support a student, a class, or a whole project (5 classes)! 

This big button will show you how. 

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