The Challenge

Extreme Poverty in Asia

Asia is home to some of the fastest growing economies, yet remains the poorest region in the world. India in particular has a reputation of booming economic wealth, while millions suffer from debilitating poverty, often without access to food, shelter, clean water, proper sanitation, education, or healthcare. Much of this poor population comes from the lowest levels of the caste system. Poverty, compounded with the caste systems inherent social inequality, continues to breed a number of injustices, like gender violence and discrimination, infant mortality, child labor, and human trafficking.

The Plight of Women

For centuries, atrocities towards women have been considered “women’s issues”, yet the plight of women is a product of a combination of social, economic, and educational dysfunctions, which have immeasurable societal and global consequences .

In India, a woman is raped every 20 minutes; 11% of children (mostly girls) are involved in child labor; every 6th girl’s death is due to gender discrimination.

A key factor contributing to statistics like these are born out of the perceived value of females in India. All too often, girls are often raised to believe they are second-class citizens who are less worthy than their male peers. In a country considered to be the worst G20 country for women, India has witnessed discrimination, abuse, and death of women on a scale unparalleled in the top 19 economies of the world.*

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*Thomas Reuters