The Strategy

Read Asia believes that literacy is more than reading, writing, and counting; it’s transformative and allows people to build a more prosperous and inclusive society. Our model is based on one key understanding—the prevailing need in local communities is not for financial support, but an infusion of opportunities. Students are encouraged to become change-makers, engage in dialogue, recognize human and legal rights, take social responsibility, and help reduce the violence and oppression of women. 

Adult Literacy Program
health_iconHealth Awareness

Students learn good nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene practices; reducing instance of disease and healthcare costs for their families.

livlihoodMicro-Enterprise & Savings

Students are educated on financial security, saving, debt-elimination, investment, and even learn the skills they’ll need to start their own small business.


Social and Human Rights Awareness

Students learn about their intrinsic human and legal rights, and responsibilities of citizenship. Both men and women learn about the plight of women as a societal ill and are enabled to be part of the solution.

The Process
  1. Teachers are trained to become agents of change who go beyond the “nuts and bolts” of basic language instruction to inspire holistic transformation in their students. Unlike traditional teaching methods, which can be rigid, teachers are equipped with tools that are adaptable for different learning styles and group dynamics. 
  2. Projects are organized in areas of documented need—usually remote villages and slums. The teachers then instruct 30 illiterate adult students through an intensive one-year literacy class.
  3. Materials are supplied that are locally-developed in order to maximize the impact for their students.

With thousands of people on the waiting list, your investment means real opportunities.